I finished it in Gao Hong,at this time,Gaoxinshu doesn’t mind at all。

But look here,Gao Xinshu did not forget to nod his head。
“understand,My daughter really grew up。”
“Actually like this,I think,Just fine!”
When Gaoxinshu is finished,at this time,Gao Hong suddenly felt depressed。
Say,These things,What should I say??
And the people around,Looking at Gao Xinshu and Gao Hong,I didn’t know what to do。
Or just leave?
but,Gaoxinshu’s mission,Not yet released。
So if I leave this time,Actually speaking,Doesn’t seem too good。
And see here,Now,High-tech books are slightly positive,Talking to the front。
“All right,I won’t talk about the things just now。”
“About tomorrow,People from major families,Will definitely settle in us here!”
slowly,When Gao Xinshu saw this,Gao Xinshu coughs gently,Don’t forget to say here。
Those around,Looking at high-tech books,Feels very strange。
So,and then,Then what else?
But looking in front of you,Gao Xinshu kept talking。
“in fact,I think the next words,Security work tomorrow,Must do well。”