People like this,Why do such a thing?This is something the whole village agreed to do,But he has to come out to charge the big guy,Good now,Throw people away,He will feel at ease。

Xia Jian did not speak,Then turned and walked towards the village committee。Secretary Wang and Liu Zimin,And the few people Zhao Zailing took with her,Followed closely from behind。
A farce,It ended like this amidst the laughter of the villagers。
Back to Donglin Village Committee,The village chief Zhao Dahai gave Xia Jian a thumbs up,He has a look of admiration。
Just arrived at four o’clock,Village officials from all villages in Donglin Township came one after another。Zhao Dahai asked the villagers to find chairs borrowed,Neatly placed in the small courtyard of the village committee。
What surprised Xia Jian was,The village women’s director Chen Meihua also brought two thermos bottles,I also brought a basket of water glasses,It looks like they are borrowed。
At five o’clock,Xia Jian asked Liu Zimin to name,As a result, all the heads of more than 30 administrative villages were present。This makes Xia Jian very happy。He simply said a few words,Let Liu Zimin take everyone to visit the village appearance of Donglin Village。
One hour later,Everyone is back。These people may be shocked by the cleanliness of the roads in Donglin Village,Everyone keeps talking about,I look very excited。
Xia Jian coughed twice,Let everyone stop。Then he said with a slight smile:“Today, I called everyone to Donglin Village for a meeting,The purpose is to let everyone see,This population is in Donglin Village, which is the largest in our township,What kind of village looks like。After everyone sees it, why don’t you make your village like this??“
“Listen up everyone,Every village must learn from Donglin Village,Unconditional execution。I will check from time to time,If you find a village that doesn’t do what I said,I will remove you“Xia Jian said very strongly。
These thirty people sitting in the courtyard,All head down,Not say a word。Xia Jian was furious,When he was about to attack,Secretary Wang spoke。
“Everyone listen up,This is the first step in the work of the whole town。If the implementation of which village is not effective,The future development of the whole village will be affected“Secretary Wang said sincerely。
Suddenly a man in his thirties stood up abruptly,He asked loudly:“Secretary Wang!The actual situation in Donglin Township is clear to you as leaders。We want to get rid of poverty,Let everyone live better,It’s not about doing something silly“
“This is the empty head?If a village,All around,Feces everywhere,Stink everywhere。How do you think such a village allows the villagers to live?There is also a foreigner?Don’t you think your face is dull?If an investor comes to invest,But such a village,Do you think people will vote?“