Didn’t wait for Flying Wolf to answer,Qin Hao headed towards the exit of the cave as quickly as possible。

And at this moment,The Stinger and his party are speeding toward the exit of the cave。
Faster than Qin Hao,It is undoubtedly Wang Santong and the others。
Their hatred of Stinger far exceeds Qin Hao,When I saw the stinger about to run away,They rushed over in an instant。
Because they rushed over first,I bought time for Qin Hao’s arrival。
When Qin Hao is about to arrive,Wang Santong and others have already fought with the remaining six people of the Stinger Mercenary。
The whole cave,Have been shot out of dense caves。
Both sides are afraid to use heavy weapons,Because the use of heavy weapons is likely to cause this cave to collapse。
Once this cave collapses,The people inside do not say that none of them survived,But there must have been heavy casualties。
How can Wang Santong and the three of them be Stinger’s opponents?,When Qin Hao arrived,All three suffered injuries of varying severity。
Among them, Wang Santong was the most injured,Four shots in the body,Two of the shots are in the vital part。
When Qin Hao arrived,I just rushed up regardless。
The two sand eagles in my hand play very well,Fire snake appeared。
Direct the remaining bullets towards the stinger。
Stinger is cunning and ruthless,High military quality in simultaneous operations,Qin Hao’s bullet was easily avoided by him。
Six people to Qin Hao alone,There was a fierce battle。