“Your uncle’s,Take your pants farther away next time。”

In the unbridled laughter of everyone,Li Tianchou has already gone to work,No one behind,He was not surprised,After all, no one is a fool。
The reason for this,Li Tianchou didn’t want to show the limelight or advertise,It’s not a brain convulsion。He is showing his attitude to Yan Defa,Fulfill the promise,I also hope that this fairly kind contractor will not misjudge the form,Underestimated everyone’s emotions。
In fact, Li Tianchou has a deeper intention,I just don’t want the workers’ emotions to vent too quickly,With him“Scum”example,Many people’s minds will fluctuate,It’s also considered to give Lao Yan some time to consider,But not for long。
I don’t know if Yan Defa can last a few days,I have given enough face,So much can be done,I believe this old guy is not stupid。Repeated beating,He will understand,Unless he really doesn’t want to do it,Or another brilliant trick。
Under the night,Yan Defa and a few small foremen watched the scene and only Li Tianchou was busy.,The expressions are uglier than the other。He stopped several of his men who wanted to go to the work shed to go crazy,Left without saying a word。
Go to work the next day,Significantly different,Everyone came full attendance,Even the two most stubborn thorns came to work honestly。Yan Defa didn’t really deal with these two people,After all, there is a shortage of manpower。
This is a good start,Yan Defa couldn’t help but start to admire the young man Li Tianchou,Food is no longer specialised,He was a little puzzled,Worked as a foreman for half a lifetime,My mind seems to be getting worse and worse。
The next night as usual,Li Tianchou worked alone until one o’clock in the morning,A leisurely call for work。Er Kun couldn’t help but want to follow along,Was held back by Da Kun,It’s obviously hard to be a minority。
The emotional state of other workers is relatively calm,Except not working overtime,Nothing unusual。Yan Defa now somewhat understands Li Tianchou’s intentions,He couldn’t help but reconsider his original idea。
SZHwaseong North Road,Row upon row of office buildings and commercial buildings,Not far from Fuhua International Building,There is a white business building,One of the golden floors16-18Floor is the location of the headquarters of Pantech Construction Group in South China。
As a well-known national real estate and construction group,Regardless of the size of the offices of its regional headquarters、Both style and luxury are obviously weaker than similar companies,It is much more shabby than the local real estate company Phoenix Group, which owns an entire office building.。This is related to the weak influence of Pantech Construction on the southeast coast.。
In order to reverse the unfavorable situation,Pantech’s board of directors passed a strategic resolution to fully enter the southeast coastal market。‘ToSZMarket as the core,Rapidly radiate the surrounding area’Is the main content of the resolution。But the market development in the past year or so has been very few,There are many reasons,Lack of contacts is the main problem。
Pantech as a private enterprise,Whether it is project bidding,Or are project approvals weaker than state-owned holding companies,In addition, Pantech’s foundation in the southeast coast is still shallow,So its inSZNothing has been achieved in the competition for the core land of the city。
Pantech quickly adjusts its strategy,Decide fromSZStart with the surrounding areas of the city,Come to a countryside to encircle the city。The promoter of the strategic adjustment measures is Hua Yun, the general manager of the Group’s Project Development Department.,She is also the daughter of Chairman Hua Changtian。
Hua Yun relies on keen eyesight and market sense,After unremitting efforts,Pantech finally stands out in the fierce competition。Not only inSZAcquired two commercial plots in the periphery of the development zone,And pulling teeth,Take away the reconstruction and construction project of Fushan County Commercial Street from the mouth of Meilin Construction under Phoenix。
Out-of-towners with good strength but dissatisfaction finally defeated the local snake,This makes the Pantech Group cheer up and down。To strike while the iron is hot,The group was transferred to Hua Yun as general manager of South China region,The former deputy manager of the marketing department of the group Jin became the general manager of the newly established Pantai Fukuyama Company,Determined to build the Fushan Commercial Street project into a boutique project。