Tian Dazhuang puzzled,I don’t even seem to believe my eyes anymore,But Bai Lu is still unwilling to talk to Xiangchen,But after closing my eyes just now,What happened,She is still very curious。

“Be disappointed!Be disappointed!”
Xiang Chen smiled at Tian Dazhuang,Chunfeng proudly admitted his failure。
“brother,How to do?Just let go of that kid?”
By Duan Siming’s side,There is a person whose eyes hit by Xiang Chen can’t open,But looking at Xiang Chen leaving behind,The tone of speech is still unfair,I don’t seem to want to let Xiang Chen go so easily。
“What else?Call the police!I don’t believe that no one can cure this kid!”
Duan Siming didn’t want to let Xiang Chen go so easily,But I was beaten just now,I still hurt my face now!Is Xiang Chen retreating now?,I have to provoke him back?
Under Bai Lu’s repeated protests,Xiang Chen reluctantly pulled his hand back on Bai Lu’s waist。
Looking at the takeaway that has overflowed with soup,Look at Xiang Chen, whose face is triumphant but loses thoroughly,Bai Lu opened her mouth,I thought that I had already told Xiang Chen before and I still don’t want to meet again.,Bai Lu simply stopped talking,Turned away。
Seeing Bai Lu’s back,Xiang Chen is naturally reluctant,But Xiang Chen is not the only one who can’t look away from Bai Lu’s back。
Feel the look in Tian Dazhuang’s eyes behind Bai Lu,Xiang Chen raised his hand and fell heavily,A chestnut hit Tian Dazhuang’s head,The latter was surprised,Withdraw one’s gaze,Xiang Chen smirked。
“Hehe!Good luck to big brother!”
Tian Dazhuang gave Xiang Chen a thumbs up,Smiling,The look on the face,It’s what only men know。
The truth is not what Tian Dazhuang said,But Xiang Chen gladly accepted。