Bank of China: Rongtong World Drawing Future

People’s Daily News September 7, on the morning of September, 2021 China International Digital Economic Expo (Cidee) opened at Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hebei Province. Bank of China, located in the Exhibition Center, exhibited in the theme of "Digital Bank of China – Rongcoma World Digital", including "overall display area" "digital currency display area" "Smart Party Building + Eight Financial Disposons" "Science and Technology Can + Five Scene Exhibition Area "" Issue Winter Olympics Area "five parts. The exhibition area highlights the cross-border financial characteristics of Bank of China. Through video display and on-site explanation, the audience can fully understand the advantages and characteristics of Bank of China cross-border financial business; you can also experience digital Olympics, Winter Olympics products, VR skiing creating A strong winter Olympics. At the same time, the display area will integrate the digital RMB and Winter Olympics, showing digital RMB as the China Bank of China Science and Technology for Technology Winter Olympics. In addition, the exhibition area focuses on products and service innovations in China’s banks in the five scenarios of education, sports, cross-border, silver hair and medical treatment. Focus on China Bank’s continued efforts to develop eight financial (technology, green, pragmatic, cross-border, consumption, wealth, supply chain and county finance), highlighting the relevant Bank of China to implement new development concepts and financial supply side reform requirements.

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